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the no- fly zone. u.s. and coalition fighter jets. at least another dozen cruise missiles. the mission is to keep moammar gadhafi's fighters from fighting. >> reporter: coalition planes are working to extend the no- fly zone. and the u.s. army general in charge says the strategy is working. >> we are so far achieving our military objectives, consistent with our mission. >> reporter: coalition forces are keeping up the assault on moammar gadhafi's offenses. they launched at least 12 more missile attacks monday, after a weekend of fighting. they even fired a missile at part of gadhafi's presidential compound. u.s. officials say he was using the building as a command center. >> and there is also a command facility that we are certain is a command and control facility. and that is the facility that was attacked. >> reporter: the goal of the mission is to take away gadhafi's ability to attack civilians and to establish a no- fly zone, while americans are leading the operations now, the u.s. is eager to hand over control to other nations. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a m
>>> u.s. soldiers slain. a gunman opens fire on a u.s. military bus. a man in custod neberlin -- custody in berlin. and the reason for the attacks. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >>> a gunman opens fire. two u.s. airmen are killed and two others hurt. randall pinkston has more on wjz. >> reporter: the shooter opened fire at the bus carrying u.s. air force personnel, set outside a terminal in frankfurt, germany. two other u.s. airmen were seriously wounded. president obama is promising to get to the bottom of the attack. >> we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. and working with german authorities to ensure that all of the pern traitors are brought to justice. >> reporter: after firing his weapon, the gunman ran into a terminal, where authorities tackled him. he is now in police custody. investigators are looking into whether the shooting had any ties to terror groups. the airport is near ramstein air force base, the headquarters of the u.s. air force in europe. the victims were part of an air
billion of dollars. >>> the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule by summer. >>> an intense search is underway after a shooting in a parking lot of a mall. we're over the marley station's mall parking lot. a man was shot here. he made his way near the highway. he was rushed to shock trauma and police are looking for two suspects in a dark gray hon dam - - honda. >>> today, the man accused in the murder of an eastern shore girl pleads guilty. vic has more. >> reporter: the prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table for legs. this is for the murder of an 11- year-old. the girl was kidnapped and found dead on christmas day in 2009. her mother spoke today. >> we thank you for giving up your christmas of '09 to bring our baby home. >> we want to thank everyone. >> we now have closure and we can move on. including the community. >> he dated her aunt for some time. >>> wjz sat down with scary's parents. -- with sara's parents. >>> a baltimore county police officer is officially charged. coal westton has been in charge of the police union since the 90s. late last week, he w
to see if helicopters could use buckets to bump water on the reactors. the u.s. is now telling the u.s. citizens living within 50 miles of the plant to evacuate. radiation levels have risen. officials say it is not enough to be dangerous. but many people are avoiding the city. >> reporter: at the united nations, the security council held a moment of silence for the victims in japan. the u.n. is helping to coordinate relief efforts, sending in aid from around the world. >> reporter: in the town of ofanatu, british and american crews are searching for survivors. >> we're trying to access underneath. but obviously, you can see very, very difficult conditions. >> reporter: crews continue to recover bodies from the wreckage. many times, family members are there, to mourn their loved ones. randall pink ston, wjz -- pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> there are reports that all of the water is gone from the troubled nuclear power plant. that increases the risk of the rods melting down. let's take a look. stocks open low and drop sharply in the afternoon. here's a look at the numbers just moment
. >> the u.s. fighter jet goes down. but both airmen escape with minor injuries. joel brown reports for wjz, the u.s. is anxious to hand over control of the coalition attack. >> reporter: all that's left in libya is this burned-out shell. witnesses say the two pilots who ejected were here to control rebels. the pentagon blames equipment failure for the crash. the two pilots aren't badly hurt and are back in u.s. hands. it's the first loss but u.s. officials are calling it a success. >> virtually all are targeted. >> reporter: they launched another 24 missiles at moammar gadhafi's command center today. they extended the no-fly zone over eastern libya. the u.s. is eager to hand over control of the operation. >> a transfer within a few days is likely. >> reporter: it's still not clear just who the u.s. will turn over control to. either britain, france, or nato forces. still, many could say the job is far from done. >> reporter: the loosely controlled group is struggling to hold its ground. -- rebels say more and more civilians are dying inside the city, at the hands of gadhafi's men. >> report
it wants the u.s. to send a fact finding team, randall pingston. >> president obama and british prime minster david camera have agreed to plan for a full spectrum of responses. >> there's no win in sight to the turmoil in libya, so there's no win in sight at the pump. the energy department stayed it will average $3.70 and prices could spike by late sirm. in tonight's pump watch report here's a look at how much maryland is paying. a gallon of religion lar gas -- regular gas will cost $3.50. at this time last year it was $2.72. until the crisis is resolved, you can find the cheapest gas by going to and clicking on links and numbers. >> the u.s. supreme court said funeral protests are legal. denise has more on a bill to put limits on the protests. >> reporter: baltimore county congressman's dutch ruppersberger bill would limit where and how long the protests can be held. they ruled in favor of it under the free speech amendment. the father of a soldier killed in iraq filed suit after the group picketed his son's funeral. it would require protesters to be at least 2500 feet away a
economic news from china, as the u.s. sends stocks tumbling. here's a look at the numbers from moments ago. the dow was down 227 points, below the 12,000 mark. the s&p is down 24. nasdaq off 50. >>> formally charged. today, nearly a dozen city police officers are indicted in a towing scam. denise is in the newsroom with more on the scheme. >>> a federal grand jury returns indictments against 10 officers and two others, charging them with extortion. the owner of the majestic road shop are charged with paying officers to arrange their company to tow vehicles from an accident scene. majestic is not an authorized tow company from baltimore. the indictment ran from spring of 2008 to late last month. >> each defendant faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. >>> local actress in this bust, felicia snoop pearson, played a popular role in the hbo series, "the wire" was one of 60 people arrested today in a massive marijuana and heroin ring. city police will release information in a few minutes. but we'll update you all new at 5:00 and 6:00. >>> failed terror attack. for two days, a sophist
: the u.s. continues to move forces close to libya. the president authorized u.s. military aircraft to help egyptians evacuate. but the administration is trying not to get sucked into a mideast conflict. the president's hope is that gadhafi will head off a bloody stalemate and make way for a new leadership. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> the crisis led to gas prices jumping another 4 cents today. the national average is $3.43 a gallon, according to triple a. >>> maryland's texting while driving rules are about to become even more strict. alex demetrick is in the newsroom with more details on a law that is close to gaining apriewflt. >> soon, you might not even be allowed to read a text behind the wheel. the house of delegates passed -- passed that measure today. marylanders are already prohibited from writing text messages while driving. there were more than 200 violations last year. the state also has a band on handheld cell phones, meaning it is a secondary offense, meaning officers can only offer citations. >>> the senate recently rejected a ban on eating and drinking
warplanes are flying toward libya to control its skies. and for the first time, u.s. commanders say they're using the jets to attack gadhafi's troops on the ground. it may be working. in the key eastern city of misrata, gadhafi tanks are beginning to retreat, after a week-long assault on civilians. in ajafia, where they worked in forces for days, rebels found newfound confidence. >> this is a matter of time. time only. after maybe one day. these tanks will surrender. >> reporter: president obama says sending in u.s. troops on the ground is absolutely out of the question. u.s. forces are already scaling back flights over libya. coalition troops are now flying more than half of the missions. >> reporter: bombed but not broken, moammar gadhafi appeared for the first time in a week. he rallied supporters and portrayed himself as a victim of western powers on a mission to steal libya's oil. he gave no hint he was giving up. >> gadhafi has basically sworn he will not show mercy to anybody who comes at him. that is not exactly an invitation to negotiate. >> reporter: gadhafi with a firm grip on
>>> mass exodus. thousands of refugees run from violence and chaos in libya. >> while the u.s. turns up the heat. sending hundreds to the mediterranean sea. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >>> civil war in libya. the libyan leader continues to insist his people love him. >> reporter: rebel forces are not backing down in the fight for control of libya. and a defiant moammar gadhafi is determined to crush the revolt. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the country risks sliding into a civil war. >> libya could become a peaceful democracy, or it could face protacted civil war, or it could descend into chaos. the stakes are high. >> reporter: clinton says the u.s. must lead the international response to the crisis. u.s. warships are headed to the region and america and its allies are discussing possible military options to prevent gadhafi from bombings had -- bombing his own people. >> we're obviously looking at a lot of options and contingencies. no plans have been made. >> reporter: britain is looking at order
video. u.s. forces, japan, and great britain, are leading the forces. a top african official is calling for a transition in libya that would remove gadhafi from power and allow democratic elections there. mary? >> denise, thank you. president obama has yet to address the mission. publicly. he is expected to do so. >>> looks like march could be going out like a lion. it's chilly outside. meteorologist tim williams is there. and he has the "s" word in his forecast. >> well, hello, kai. good afternoon, everyone. we're looking at just the "s" word in our forecast. let's look at live doppler radar. we are definitely cooler right now than we typically are for this time of year. about 10 degrees or so cooler. we're at 45 now. and we're really at the warmest we're going to be for the day. give or take maybe a degree or so. what you're seeing on the screen right now is not really our main concern. that's really an upper level disturbance. it's going to move across the south portion of our region, maybe bringing in a light shower or two. down toward the d.c. and metro area. the bullk is still --
is to protect the civilians. >> reporter: the u.s. is going to hand over the leadership in a matter of days. still, the critics are questioning the american's involvement and want to know how long america will stay. >> reporter: president obama will explain what's next tonight. >> our involvement is limited. both in time and scope. >> reporter: lawmakers have been calling on the president to clarify his position. >> it's fair to ask, what's the role of the military and military alliance in providing support to an opposition that we're only now beginning to understand. >> reporter: the white house is working to make a clear distinction in the military position. at the white house, daniel noting a.m., wjz, eye -- -- daniel nottingham. >>> you can watch the president's address to the nation about libya here on wjz at 7:30 tonight. >>> more radioactive spills at a japanese plant. vic has more on the spills. that's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: scientists say that the amount of plutonium found is small. also, today, a grim anniversary where workers gathered outside of the three mile island
>>> military handoff. >> can the u.s. -- coalition succeed without the u.s. at the helm? >>> hi, even. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >>> transfer of control. danielle notingham reports where people were briefed. >> reporter: rebels forced to run back to safety as moammar gadhafi takes control of a town. fighting east of the port of bregga. even though they have essentially shut down gadhafi's air troops. his planes remain strong. nato flew over wednesday. but that wasn't enough to turn back the tide and push back gadhafi's fighters. all of this comes on a day when the u.s. transferred control of the air campaign to nato. >> we were very confident that the coalition that we were part of will be capable of succeeding in its mission and pushing back. colonel gadhafi's forces. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and other top administration officials came up to capitol hill to brief lawmakers on libya. leaders from both parties say the president's address monday left a lot of unanswered questions. >> this is the debate that congress
and carrying away homes, cars and buildings, putting the west coast of the u.s. on a tsunami watch. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >>> one of the biggest earthquakes ever unleashes a tsunami on japan. and it is putting the nations around the pacific ocean on alert. sandra hughes has concerns on the u.s. west coast. yet we begin with randall pinkston, reporting for wjz on the widespread devastation. >> reporter: the massive tsunami swallowed entire villages on japan's northeast coast and left others burning through the night. the 23-foot wave, triggered by the largest ever in japan, swept away by cars, boats. in one coastal town alone, 1800 homes were badly damaged or destroyed. they have recovered 300 bodies. hundreds more are missing. the quake centered around northeast of tokyo. >> it was so strong. and the undulation of the earth was so powerful that we actually had to kind of hang onto the outside of our house. >> reporter: large buildings shook. the prime minister felt it inside parliament. more than 4 million buildings in and
's earthquake and tsunami. >> reporter: engineers may call on u.s. and japanese troops at the nuclear plant. a third explosion and fire at the complex sent dangerous levels of radiation into the air. japan's prime minister is urging calm. but 140,000 people living near the plant to seal themselves indoors. >> it's very traumatic. and the main thing is we don't know what to do. >> reporter: plant officials may ask military helicopters to spray water on a storage pond so it won't release any more radiation. about 70,000 people within 12 miles. plant have been evacuated. others outside that zone are also leaving. >> everyone is scared for their child's sake and just trying to get their kids out first. >> reporter: the head of u.n.'s nuclear watchdog agency called the events worrying and said he's sending a team of experts to help. >> reporter: another powerful aftershock rocked japan after nightfall. the scale is already testing the country's limits. >> reporter: in the northeast, some 450,000 people are in temporary shelters, including american steve corbit. >> it's pretty separate. it's kind
news out of connecticut. the u.s. marshal's service has just arrested a man they believe is the east coast rapist. the suspect was arrested about an hour ago. investigators say he was responsible for attacks on 17 women including maryland. police started posting on the billboard. we're working to get the man's identity. >>> a man is alive today, even though his heart stopped beating for an hour and a half. the amazing team effort to bring the man back from death. >> reporter: at the only gas station, brothers al and roy rodo myer know almost everything about how to fix your car. >> 911. what's the emergency? >> we're at don's foods and the guy just fell. >> reporter: but it's their 30 years that taught them thou to -- how to work on a stranger's heart. >> i guess someday you're going to get lucky. >> the lucky one was out-of- work howard schmitzer. who collapsed on the sidewalk right on the street. >> i had a massive heart attack. >> al started applying cpr within minutes. and the number of paramedics who responded had grown to 20. mayo clinic's chopper was in the air. but flight nur
will stand with them. >> reporter: the u.s. is trying to coordinate its response with other countries. some members. united nations are discussing a no-fly zone over libya. and nato officials are meeting in brussels to consider their next move. >> if gadhafi and his military continue to attack the libyan population systematically, i can't imagine the international community and the united nations stand idly by. >> reporter: so far, the rebels are on their own. ines feray, wjz eyewitness news. >> the rebellion in libya means millions of barrels of oil are not being exported, sending gas prices through the roof. our coverage continues with denise. >> reporter: their pain at the pump continues to get worse. a new survey shows the average gallon of gas jumped 33 cents a gallon in just the past two weeks. the white house said it is now considering tapping into the company's strategic oil reserve, something that has not been done since hurricane katrina. >>> and here's a check of the latest prices in maryland. you'll pay $3.48. right now, the highest gas prices in the nation are in california, wh
is looking to put more between nearby villages. radiation is now being found in milk in the u.s. >>> baby nagga shima is only 2 years old. born near the power plant. at first, this she is being checked with a geiger counter for radiation poisoning. >> as the situation gets worse, her mother says, i get more scared. >>> in japan, they are concerned. sea water now has 100 times the legal limit. pooling water has more than 10,000 times the radiation. and these, 40 miles away from the crippled reactor complex. that's prompted the watch dog group to call for an a watch dog zone. american and french nuclear experts have arrived to help, offering robots that can go into the plant and detect leaks. trace amounts of radioactive iodine can be found in milk. >> it's hardly a surprise that that happened and should be expected. >> reporter: health officials say consumers shouldn't be worried. the health limits are still 5,000 times below the standard set by the fda. >> they are increasing monitoring of air, milk and water nationwide. >>> kai, for the second time in two days, a top libyan official has
in the way but is now on board. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the handoff is a sure thing. and it will come within a few days. however, the white house has been vague about the american military's role going forward. allies have been flying an increasing number of missions over libya. and nato ships are patrolling the sea, trying to prevent arms and mercenaries from slipping in. at the united nations, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> nato powers have been meeting in belgium for six days to consider the way ahead, including how aggressive this mission should be. >> reporter: disturbing details. new information today in the case of a city police officer, accused of sexually assaulting a teen in harford county. weijia jiang is in the newsroom with statements from both the officer and the victim. >> reporter: 44-year-old kevin roland admits in charging documents that he touched a 17- year-old girl. officer roland was released on bail today. in the documents, he said he would kiss, hug, and touched the teenager. he admits he became aroused but denies the two ever had sex. in the char
on libya within the coming days. but the u.s. believes military interventions, such as a no-fly zone, needs international support, including the backing of the united nations. >> reporter: supporters are rallying around gadhafi, saying they are ready to die for their leader. >> they want to destroy our country. but they cannot do that. because we will stand facing them. >> reporter: gadhafi's forces may be having some success. they claim they have regained control of the western city of zawiyah, which is close to the capital, tripoli. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, gadhafi has been in power since 1969, when he led a military coupe that brought down the monarchy. >>> putting a big squeeze on drivers at the gas pump. >> reporter: vic, triple a says the national average now sits at $3.56 for a gallon of regular. here in maryland, we're paying $3.51 a gallon, up 16 cents from a week ago. people on the west coast are paying the most. you'll find the cheapest prices in parts of the midwest. vic? >> many analysts are still rejecting that -- projecting that oil may rise above $4 a g
in helicopter relief missions were found and have been exposed to low levels when they returned other to the u.s.s. ronald reagan. most of the radiation was found on the clothing of a 17-man crew. mary, back to. you. >>> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the disaster in japan for the latest pictures and updated information. log on to >>> the search for a killer. police are looking for clues in the murder for an employee in an upscale other yoga store. brittney moorehouse has more on the case and the young woman killed. >> she was beautiful. she is a beautiful person. >> as beautiful as the flowers that now honor her memory, 30- year-old dana murry. >> she was very sweet. >> a light that would have kept on burning, they say, if not for what police describe as a robbery-turned homicide that happened friday night. mary and a coworker had gone back to the athletic clothing store after retrieving something. police say two masked men with gloves entered through the unlocked door, murdered murry and sexually assaulted her coworker. police say that coworker was tied up all night, but thank
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21